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Getting Started
Day 1
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Day 2
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Day 3
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Inner transformation begins with recognizing your personal power and getting clear about w

Practical Application

•Dig deep and think about what truly matters most to you – not your superficial wants but your deepest heart’s desire. Get real clear on your reason(s) behind why you want those things – what do you value?

• Think about how you want to feel or the qualities you want to experience if you were to achieve your desires and goals –then write down your top three goals/desires.

• Take each goal/desire and break it down into smaller actionable steps that you can work towards immediately.

• Your intent is a great start to creating whatever it is you desire but it is through your actions that it moves from being a thought to becoming reality. Assign a completion date or deadline to each of your goals, then take action on a step from one of the goals this week. 

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First and foremost, inner transformation is a process that begins with recognizing your personal power and getting real clear about what matters most to you – only then can you start leveraging the current of change to work for you rather than against you.


Have you ever wondered why people are so fascinated with stories? We surround ourselves with stories – we watch movies, read books, follow social media and tap into the latest current events. Effective stories transport us and deeply personal stories transform us. Storytelling is part of the collective experience and stories help define who we are as human beings. Often, we can relate to the archetypal journeys that the story's characters find themselves on. Whether it be a tale of overcoming the odds or any other pivotal moment along the mythical structure of the hero's journey – in some ways, we can all draw parallels between our experiences and those of the story’s characters.

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Creating & Redefining Your Story


If we are not keeping up with change, we are falling behind because change is inevitable. And in order to make any intentional change within yourself, there must be a willingness to learn and an ongoing commitment to self-awareness. In an everchanging world, the pursuit to more deeply understand one’s self through self-awareness is an ongoing process.

Often we find ourselves focusing our energy outwards with most of our daily routines being centered around activities that keep us busy. Between the external demands of the world and our personal responsibilities, it’s easy to forget about our inner state of being. Research suggests that when we focus our attention to look inward using practices like mindfulness meditation, overtime we gain key insights about our self and even begin to see ourselves more clearly.

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Key Points


Inner transformation begins with recognizing your personal power and getting clear about w

Key Points


Practical Application

Block out a specific time each day to start building a foundation for your daily meditation practice. Begin by sitting comfortably, taking a few deep breaths in and out. If you don't already have an established meditation practice or just want some guidance, you can use the lightly guided audio meditation below.

Remember, it takes time for the mind to settle down, so you may experience some restlessness during your practice and that's okay. Stay committed to the practice and compassionate with yourself. There is no right or wrong way to feel or experience meditation.

Spend at least 2 minutes in silent observation with this practice, progressively increasing your sit time as you become more experienced. When your practice is complete, move onto the Daily Assignment.

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Life isn’t stagnant, it is always evolving and moving us forward. Our complex world is ever-changing and so are we – to exist is to change. Coping with change can be uncomfortable but learning to stay grounded and flexible in the midst of change increases our ability to adapt and be more resilient.


An important aspect to managing change is our emotional state of being when we are faced with change. Emotions are powerful and determine how we manage many aspects of life. When we gain control over our emotions, we immediately take our power back – by choosing how we respond to life, rather than simply reacting with haste. Learning to acknowledge and explore your emotions with curiosity, even sometimes sitting in the uncomfortable, full range of the emotion without staying stuck or identifying as it is a learning process. With some practice, it can become an effective way to process your emotions and work through them, so that you can come out on the other side transformed.

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Finding Your Center & Your Breath

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We believe small steps lead to big changes and that positive change starts from within. 

Over the next several days we’ll embark on a short but impactful journey of inner transformation together. This short microlearning experience has been designed to support your journey of personal growth and well-being in just 15 minutes a day.

As you dive deep into the world of self-discovery, you’ll tap into your personal power, unleashing your potential through transformative practices and evidence-based learning techniques.

This is your personal roadmap to becoming a catalyst for positive change within your own life, so you can consciously live your life with intention and by design. 


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The seven step framework covered is consolidated into concise and focused segments for optimal learning.

Each day includes key points, practical applications and a daily assignment to integrate each lesson.

Cultivating Awareness & Shifting Perspective

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Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Get Full Access to Continue
Your Transformative Journey

Ready to keep growing?

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In this microlearning experience, you'll discover:

Receive lifetime on-demand access to the 7 days of Transformation.

  • A 7-step framework to help you tap into your potential and your personal transformative power.

  • The Downward Arrow Technique to identify self-limiting beliefs, release personal blocks and re-program your subconscious mind. 

  • A guided breath work tool and meditation practice for instant calm, improved self-awareness and inner balance. 

  • Transformative practices and evidence-based learning techniques to help you integrate each lesson into your daily life for lasting change.

  • How to instantly elevate your personal growth and well-being practice with simple, short and effective daily exercises.

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